Skin Brushing Beauty Secrets

If you are looking for ways to look and feel beautiful, natural and healthy, dry skin brushing is one way you can achieve this. This procedure involves the use of a soft brush to scrub a dry skin. The brushing is usually done before showering. The brush is quite cheap and can be found in various cosmetic shops and online stores. The brushing procedure is simple, and you can do it yourself easily.

The cells on the skin die after some time and are replaced by other cells. The dead cells flake way when scratched. A skin with so many dead cells loses its glitter and looks old. With dry brushing, you can remove the dead cells, which makes you look healthy and softer. It is thus a quick and cheap way to feel soft. This procedure is done while applying slight pressure. You will find flakes of the dead skin as you brush. In fact, there is a lot of them in the parts of the body that are not exposed.

Apart from the blood circulatory system, there is another circulatory system called the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system helps the body remove waste matter. A well-functioning lymphatic system acts as a detoxifier by removing chemicals that cause damage to your body. However, the lymphatic system does not have a force that pumps the fluid through the systems as in the case of blood; it is manually moved as you do your daily chores. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system- this helps ensure effective removal of waste materials from the body.

The skin has small pores where waste matter and sweat leave the body. The pores are often covered with dirt, chemicals, and other particles. Bacteria often infect the blocked pores and cause several problems. Regular dry brushing removes the material that may be blocking the pores. Blocked pores are a major problem especially after a day in makeup and dirty environment. Once the sweat and waste materials are removed, you feel healthier softer and gets rid of unsightly bumps and pimples.

Brushing also invigorates your body. Just as massage does, the act helps get rid of lactic acid, which causes muscular pains, and improves blood flow to your body organs. Thus, dry brushing after a day of tedious work would help you relax better and feel great. Furthermore, dry brushing also helps reduce cellulite. Cellulite creates unsightly marks on the body. Most people tend to hide the parts of the body that have cellulite marks, as they feel less beautiful. While it does not get rid of them, it makes them look better.

For the procedure to be beneficial, you need to do it daily and if possible twice each day. You can purchase several types of brushes. The brush with a strap works great in brushing your hands and legs. For hard to reach areas, you may use a brush that has a long handle. You may start by stroking the bottoms of your feet for about five or so minutes. Follow this up by going up to the calves, thighs and up the body. The movement of the brush should gentle but fir. However, avoid the scrubbing motion.

beautiful skinAvoid brushing your face. While it may be beneficial, your face has very thin skin that would get irritated even by the soft bristles of the brush. Most of the people have sensitive faces and may feel itchy after working out with the brush. You can use brushing as a foundation before using your lotion. It removes any impurity and helps the body enjoy the power of ingredients in your lotion. Also, avoid doing it on wet skin. This does not remove the dead cells and may leave you feeling itchy and sensitive to touch. Furthermore, avoid scratching areas that have open wounds body acne and eczema. Brushing in these areas would only make these body conditions worse. Furthermore, some conditions may spread to other parts of the body after the brush comes into contact with the infected areas.

After finishing the procedure, you may use your favorite oil all over the body. Oil reduces any itchy feeling. It also helps protect you from the drying effects of hot water. Overall, avoid very hot water as it damages the skin and may make some infections worse. With this procedure, you say goodbye to the unsightly dead flakes, open your pores for a healthy look, and massage your lymphatic system for better waste removal. Try it today.

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