Top Secrets Of Beautiful Looking Nails

Many women are concerned about the health and appearance of their nails. The secrets of beautiful looking nails do not end with a manicure. There are a variety of techniques you can use to keep your cuticles in perfect condition. Before revealing the tips, learn about the structure of fingernails and how they are made up.

healthy nailsFingernails are made of a robust protein called keratin. They consist of four parts, the nail plate, which covers the main finger. The matrix, which is a tissue the nail rests on (the white part). The nail bed, which is a layer of the skin below the plate. Just like any skin, there are two tissue kinds. The dermis and epidermis. The first is attached to the bone, and the latter is a superficial layer just below the plate.

To look after your nails properly, use a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic and apply it to the base coat. Garlic helps strengthen nails and even makes them grow faster. It is certainly worth the effort as you will save money by using garlic rather than nail hardeners. Don’t let the odor of garlic put your off as this is an excellent home remedy to try.

Most salons use mink oil to set the manicure and help it dry. This is a great way of keeping your cuticles from smudging. Instead of expensive manicures, you may buy mink oil from the internet or your local health store and keep your fingernails in tip top condition at home.

If you have nail fungus on your feet and hands, try rubbing some Vicks on them before going to bed. It is best to wear gloves to cover them. Repeat this for up to six weeks to completely kill the fungus.

Moisturizing your hands is one of the easiest ways to have healthy fingernails. You should do this on a daily basis to prevent your hands from drying. Rub some lotion to clean hands but do not apply to wet hands otherwise it will not be effective.

By avoiding chemical cleaners and detergents, you can protect your fingernails. Also, make sure you keep them dry and avoid using too much water. Constant exposure to water will only dehydrate the nail beds and causes them to crack. They may even start peeling off or become brittle.

Make sure you always wear gloves whenever washing the dishes or doing the house cleaning. Chemical cleaning agents dehydrate the hand and make them very dry. To minimize damage, wear suitable gloves, especially if you are touching soil in the garden or mixing cement.

Using the fingernails as tools will only destroy them. Nails are special parts of a human body and should be looked after like jewels, not tools. There are many different uses for fingernails, so there is no need to use them as weapons as they are not designed that way. Most people use nails to scratch off sticker tags, open soda cans, or tear up boxes. These tasks will only add stress to the cuticles and cause unnecessary injury.

Taking care of your fingernails means you will be able to enjoy them for a long time before having to cut them. If your budget allows it, attending a salon for a regular manicure is a good idea as this will ensure the cuticles are kept in a healthy condition. Another important factor that affects the health of the cuticles is dieting.

fingernailsBy eating a healthy diet and avoiding processed foods, your cuticles will look better. You should eat a complete range of vitamins including B12, zinc, iron, and calcium. Almonds are great snacks that are loaded with nutrients. They are essential for nail care as these nuts contain fatty acids that promote healthy skin and nail. You should eat a handful of almonds per day to reap into its health benefits.

When you are feeling stressed, you may start chewing your nail to seek relief. This action will not only destroy the appearance of your cuticles, but the more you bite, the more damage you cause. If you want perfect looking cuticles, then you should stop your biting habit today. Pretty soon, your cuticles will start growing again and look healthier.

Every woman wants to have beautifully long fingernails. If you want to start growing them, then follow the above tips and make sure you know the proper nail care procedures. Most importantly, if the cuticles are kept clean and presentable, it will not take long for them to grow.

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